International conference „Nation, Gender and History: Asian Cinemas in Perspective“ 2017

International conference
Vilnius University, Centre of Oriental Studies, 7-9 September 2017

Asian Arts Centre and The Centre of Oriental Studies of Vilnius University invite scholars, film professionals and enthusiasts to Nation, Gender and History, an international conference on the cinemas of Asia.

The deadline for abstracts is 30 April 2017.
Send your abstract / proposal to the conference organisers at

Conference website:

International conference"Illusions in the Eastern and Western Cultures" 2016

Interdiciplinary conference of Lithuanian Association for Humanistic Psychology and VU Center of Oriental Studies
Vilnius University, 14 January, 2017

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Conference of EACP “Thinking Across the Borders: Philosophy and China” 2016

The Centre of Oriental Studies at Vilnius University and European Association for Chinese Philosophy (EACP) invites scholars with interest in problems concerning Chinese philosophy and philosophy in China to submit proposals for individual papers or panels, or to register as non-presenters at the Inaugural Biennial Conference of EACP “Thinking Across the Borders: Philosophy and China”, which will be held June 9-11, 2016 at Vilnius University, Lithuania.

Academic areas:

Both philosophy and Chinese civilization offer wide horizons for those who attempt to understand human condition in its universal, and also in its various particular modes.


Participants are invited to submit their proposals (individual papers and panels) in an online form.
Individual paper and panel proposals for the conference should be submitted by January 10, 2016
Student paper abstracts for Young Scholar Award should be submitted by January 10, 2016

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Conference website:

The Second Baltic Alliance for Asian Studies (BAAS) Conference 2016

Venue: University of Tartu, Estonia
Date: April 7–9th (Thu.-Sat.), 2016
Venue: University of Tartu, Estonia
Date: April 7–9, 2016

The second BAAS conference will be held at the University of Tartu and organized by the Centre for Oriental Studies. The aim of the conference is to bring together scholars from the Baltic countries and outside for presentation and discussion of various aspects of Asian, Middle Eastern and African cultures and societies.

The organizers invite panels and individual papers from various fields of Oriental studies based on original research in specific subjects. (Note: the panelists and presenters must be at least MA holders.) As a special part of the conference, poster presentations by students (MA students and PhD candidates) is planned.

Dates of submission:

31 October 2015 deadline for submitting panel proposals
30 November 2015 deadline for submitting abstracts for individual papers and poster presentations

For further information see conference webpage.

Download this call for apers as a Word file file.

International conference „Orientalism, Colonial Thinking and the Former Soviet Periphery“

Exploring Bias and Stereotype Representations of Eastern and Central Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia.

Vilnius University, August 27-29, 2015

Conference purpose and concept

The Ukrainian crisis has placed the entire post-communist world back at the very centre of global debates in the media, politics and academia. Concepts such as sovereignty of post-Soviet and post-communist states have been brought into question once again, alongside the historical development, international alignment and aspirations of state actors in the region.

The purpose of the conference is to provide an academic framework for the discussion of these ideas and put them to the test of peer debate. The goal is to discuss the relevance of Post-Colonial Studies to Post-Communist Studies and hopefully open an innovative chapter in the academic understanding of the Post-Communist World.

Submission of paper/panel proposals

Proposals are to be submitted via email to: 

3rd International Scientific Conference of the Lithuanian Society for the Study of Religions


Vilnius, Lithuania
23–24 October, 2015
Vilnius University and Vytautas Magnus University

This conference addresses the topic of life here and hereafter and focuses on beliefs and practices of diverse origins, their formation, spread and expressions. It also focuses on the past and current representations of the phenomenon in specific regions and worldwide, discussing its diverse manifestations and changes concerning institutional and individual religiosities on (trans)national and (trans)regional levels.

The 3rd Conference of the Lithuanian Society for the Study of Religions Life Here and Hereafter: Beliefs and Practices will be held on October 23–24, 2015 at Vilnius University, Vilnius. We welcome scholars from religious studies, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, psychology, political science, and other disciplines to contribute to historical and contemporary studies of the role and manifestations of the phenomenon of life here and hereafter, in this way enriching its academic understandings.

Download this call for papers as a PDF file.