Fabio Belafatti


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Lecturer, Coordinator of Department of Contemporary Central Asian Studies

Tel.: +370 607 68486

E-mail: ;

Address: Center of Oriental Studies, Vilnius university, Universiteto 5, LT-01513 Vilnius

Office: VU Central Building, L. Gucevičiaus Courtyard, Center of Oriental Studies

Office hours: By ppointment

Originally from Italy, Mr. Belafatti spent most of his formative years in the United Kingdom, Latvia, Lithuania and Tajikistan. After graduating from SOAS (University of London) in 2010 with a Master of Science in Middle East Politics he went on to collaborate with several Italian and Lithuanian think-tanks as an analyst of Central Asian, Iranian and Baltic politics. Since A.Y. 2012-2013 he has been working with VU Centre of Oriental Studies as a lecturer with a course on Central Asian politics, and in A.Y. 2015-2016 he added a course on Social Issues and Challenges in Central Asia. He provides consultancy work and is in charge of Central Asia-related research projects at VU’s Centre of Oriental Studies.