Public lecture “Dying to Save: How Youth are Fighting Terror in West Africa“

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Daniel E. Agbiboa, Assistant Professor at George Mason University,

School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (USA)

Dying to Save: How Youth are Fighting Terror in West Africa

Lecture will be held on 17 May, 2018  at 17:30

In most armed conflicts, youth are typically seen as rebels and foot soldiers of violent groups. This presentation rethinks the role of young people in Africa's armed conflicts, focusing on their positive contributions to peace building and development in their communities.

Lecture will be held at the Institute of Asian and Transcultural Studies, Vilnius University, J. Kovalevskis aud.
(Universiteto Str. 5, entrance from S. Daukantas courtyard). Download poster

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Lecture is co-organised by Africa Research and Consultancy Center AfriKo


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