Although the main language of instruction is Lithuanian, but many visiting scholars are delivering open lectures or intensive courses in English. We also offer Erasmus courses taught in English that are open for international students at Vilnius University to choose as optional courses:

2018 / 2019 Spring

History of Tibet (dr. V. Korobov)
Foreign Policies of Emerging Powers (dr. K. Andrijauskas)
Social Issues and Challenges in Central Asia (lekt. F. Belafatti)
Religious Beliefs and Practices of Muslims (lekt. A. Litvinas)
Asian Cinema (dr. D. Valančiūnas)
East Asian Politics (dr. J. Razumaitė)

2018 / 2019 Autumn

Introduction to Tibetan Studies (dr. V. Korobov)
Introduction to Asian Politics and Political Theories (dr. K. Andrijauskas)
Central Asian Politics – An Introduction (lekt. F. Belafatti)
Introduction to Key Topics in Qu‘ran (lekt. A. Litvinas)

2016 / 2017 Spring 

Asian Film Studies (dr. Deimantas Valančiūnas)
Islamic Philosophy and Theology (lekt. Ernestas Jančenkas)
Prose and Poetry of Islam (lekt. Algimantas Litvinas)
Introduction to the Key Themes in Qur'an (lekt. Algimantas Litvinas)
Postcolonial Sub-Saharan Africa (dr. Gediminas Degėsys)
East Asian Politics (lekt. Justina Razumaitė)
Social Issues and Challenges in Central Asia (lekt. Fabio Belafatti)
Tibetan Literature (dr. Vladimir Korobov)
History of Tibet (dr. Vladimir Korobov)
Religious Beliefs and Practices of Muslims (lekt. Algimantas Litvinas)


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