Institute of Asian and Transcultural Studies is conducting two study programs on BA level and one program on MA level in the field of Area Studies: BA in Asian Studies program, BA in Middle East Studies program, and MA in Modern Asian Studies.

Geographically, the Centre of Oriental Studies programs cover most of the Asian continent, including East Asia (especially China and Japan, but also Korea), South Asia (India and Tibet), and the Near / Middle East (Arabic countries, Iran, and Turkey). Some parts of the program, and occasional courses, also touch upon Central and North Asia (Siberia).

BA in Asian Studies program is offered in area-specific specializations, namely Indian, Chinese, and Japanese studies.

The Middle East region is now covered in a newly launched BA in Middle East Studies program that includes previously separately taught specializations Arabic, Persian, and Turkic studies.

These programs offer practical language teaching in several Asian and Middle Eastern languages, as well as theory and substance-based courses on Asian cultures and societies. The programs is a basic first-cycle (BA-level) entity comprising 240 ECTS and corresponding to four years of full-time study.

The aim of the MA Modern Asian Studies program is to educate professionals of contemporary Asian cultures, giving them high intercultural competence and the ability to work efficiently in the global multicultural society, and to resolve problems related to the global environment. The program applies to the study of culture as social phenomenon in modern and contemporary Asia rather than its historically and geographically specific developments. The Modern Asian Studies program is of interdisciplinary nature and explicitly integrates a range of academic fields, such as visual culture, culture, gender, postcolonial, and ethnicity studies relevant to the subject-area. It fosters values of diversity in thinking and acting. The program is a basic second-cycle (MA-level) entity comprising 120 ECTS and corresponding to two years of full-time study.

Here you can find more information of the structure of our studies programs:

Self-Evaluation Report on Asian Studies program 

Self-Evaluation Report on Modern Asian Studies 

In 2013 our Asian Studies program was evaluated with the max score by the team of international experts: Evaluation Report

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