Researchers of the Centre of Oriental Studies are conducting individual and collective research projects, funded by Lithuanian and international foundations.

In 2015-2016 a research project “Cross-cultural Normative Psychology: mapping the Space of Evaluative Concepts in Everyday Lithuanian, English, and Chinese“ (coordinated by dr. Vytis Silius) was performed with the grant of Research Council of Lithuania.

In 2010–2012 a trilateral project supported by the Taiwan-Baltic Fund “The Changing Image of Man in Tang, Song, and Ming China” (in cooperation with University of Latvia and Academia Sinica (Taiwan), coordinated from Lithuanian side by dr. Loreta Poškaitė; with participation of dr. Vytis Silius), was conducted.

In 2011 the publication project “Studying the Orient in Lithuania” (coordinated by prof. Audrius Beinorius and dr. Valdas Jaskūnas) was performed with the grant of Research Council of Lithuania, the result of which was a collection of articles of international scholars on the history of Oriental studies, the first publication of this type ever published.

Two of our researchers – dr. Deimantas Valančiūnas (in 2013) and dr. Vytis Silius (in 2014) – were selected as the authors of the Best Dissertation in Humanities and Social Sciences in Lithuania by Lithuanian Association of Young Scholars.