English language seminar at the US Embassy

201611 anglu kalbos seminaras

The first-year students of the Centre of Oriental Studies have been granted the occasion to join the info session focusing on both competitive politics within the rules of the game and the enhancement of their cultural and linguistic knowledge related to the presidential election campaign.

We wish to express our gratitude to Althea Cawley-Murphree, Cultural Attache, and Diane M. Kohn, Political/Economic Deputy Chief, for sharing their knowledge and willingness to explain issues of American politics, culture and linguistic matters. 


Lecture „Gandhi Studies in China: An Overview of the Century-Long Saga“

Paskaita Latvija intVilniaus universiteto Konfucijaus institutas kviečia į paskaitą „Gandhi Studies in China: An Overview of the Century-Long Saga“

Vilniaus universitete viešės Latvijos universiteto Konfucijaus instituto direktorius, Indijos tyrinėtojas profesorius Shang Quanyu, dalyvausiantis VU Konfucijaus instituto šešerių metų jubiliejui skirtuose Kinų kultūros savaitės renginiuose.

Lapkričio 21 d., 15.00 val. prof. Shang Quanyu skaitys paskaitą „Gandhi Studies in China: An Overview of the Century-Long Saga“.

Renginio vieta: Vilniaus universiteto Orientalistikos centro J. Kovalevskio aud., Universiteto g. 5.

Mr. Shang Quanyu is a professor of History (with a focus on Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru) at South China Normal University; Currently Chinese Director of Confucius Institute at University of Latvia; PhD in history from Northwest University, China; Post-doctoral researcher at St. John’s University, MN, USA; Ford Foundation project researcher at Jawaharlal Nehru University, India.


Researchers of the Centre of Oriental Studies are to present their findings at the University of Iceland

20160823 RU logo 001Preliminary findings of the research will be presented during the international seminar at the University of Iceland.

More information: 





20160823 Seminaro plakatas

Public lecture „Tracing the Destiny: On Astrology and Divination in India“

20160722 Viesa paskaita atsMaloniai kviečiame dalyvauti Vilniaus universiteto Orientalistikos centro dėstytojo doc. dr. Valdo Jaskūno viešoje paskaitoje „Motina Indija ir jos vizualinės reinkarnacijos“.

Ši paskaita yra „Sanskritik Mandala“ projekto dalis, tad kviečia prisijungti visus besidominčius Indijos menu ir kultūra. 

„Sanskritik Mandala“ išvertus iš hindi kalbos reiškia „kultūrinis ratas“, kuris ir simbolizuoja projekto siekius – užmegzti dviejų skirtingų, geografiškai tolimų kultūrų dialogą, suartinti šiuolaikinio meno kūrėjus, inspiruoti naujų meninių iniciatyvų mainus, pristatyti Lietuvos visuomenei šiuolaikinio indų meno išraiškas ir tendencijas.

Renginys vyks 2016 m. liepos 22 d. 19.00 – 21.00 val. Vilniaus universitete, J. Kovalevskio aud. (Universiteto g. 5, II a., įėjimas per S. Daukanto kiemą arba Arkadų kiemelį).

* * * * * 

Public lecture "Mother India and its visual reincarnations" by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Valdas Jaskūnas, is a part of the project Sanskritik Mandala. The lecture is calling all who are interested in Indian art and culture.

Renginio organizatoriai:

Vilniaus universiteto Orientalistikos centras, VšĮ „Kultūros ratas“

Papildoma informacija: www.facebook.com/thecircleofcreation
arba el. paštu , tel. +370 683 09669

Inaugural Biennial Conference of EACP at Vilnius University

Konferencijos pradinis 1The Centre of Oriental Studies at Vilnius University and European Association for Chinese Philosophy (EACP) invites scholars with interest in problems concerning Chinese philosophy and philosophy in China to submit proposals for individual papers or panels, or to register as non-presenters at the Inaugural Biennial Conference of EACP “Thinking Across the Borders: Philosophy and China”, which will be held June 9-11, 2016 at Vilnius University, Lithuania.

More information: dr. Vytis Silius, tel. 8 612 90091.

Conference website: http://www.oc.vu.lt/en/eacp2016/program

Foto: http://galerija.vu.lt/Ivykiai/2016/Tarptautines-konferencijos-Thinking-Across-the-Borders-Philosophy-and-China-atidarymas-2016-06-09


Multiculturalism through Azerbaijan window

20160511 Nuotr sdsfsf red copyThis course is about multicultural diversity and tolerance. Multiculturalism is one of the advanced theoretical and methodological aspects of social studies in economically developed countries. Nowadays, Azerbaijan has been successfully implementing this policy.

Not fortuitous that this year is announced as the year of multiculturalism. To remark that Azerbaijani multiculturalism is not only a study of the reaction of the society, it is also an important topic because diversity has significant consequences for the social, economic, and political institutions.

In the context of growing ethnic and cultural diversity, lack of alternatives to multiculturalism, which provides the necessary conditions for ethnic, religious and cultural tolerance, has become even more visible.


Lektore: Dr. Afsana Ibad. Graduated with honor from Baku State University and one of the youngest scholar getting her Ph.D. degree in the Middle East Studies. An associate professor at the Institute of Oriental Studies at the National Academy of Sciences. Engaged with comparative analyze of literature and culture. The author of 3 books and more than 40 academic articles. Invited for delivering series of lectures on Azerbaijani multiculturalism during Spring Semester in Vilnius.

Data: 2016 m. gegužės 11 d.
Laikas: 15:00 val.
Vieta: VU Filologijos fakultetas, Azerbaidžano (107) aud., Universiteto g. 5

Public lecture on understanding and misunderstanding the ‘Four Noble Truths’

mart laanemetsAssociate professor at the Centre for Oriental Studies, University of Tartu, Dr Märt Läänemets will hold the public lecture on 27th of April at 15:00 “What the Buddha really taught? Understanding and misunderstanding the ‘Four Noble Truths’ “. The lecture will be held in English in the Japanese auditorium (Universiteto 5, entrance from the L. Gucevičius Courtyard).

What the Buddha really taught? This is the issue every Buddhist and Buddhologist concerns very much while studying and practicing Buddha’s Dharma. What we have as evidence is the huge corpus of Buddhist texts in several languages with Buddha’s discourses or Buddhavacana – the Buddha’s own Word, as believed – in the core. Today’s critical approach towards the study of the Buddhist corpus, however, rather share the view that large part of this most holy scripture is constructed during the text-generation process that lasted for generations and was finally fixed only centuries after Buddha was passed away thus having no any more control over ‘his own word’. Still the texts are the only source and evidence that represent what the historical Buddha (probably) has taught and what is fixed and transmitted as Buddha’s Word. So the study of texts is the very basis of any further effort to understand and practice Buddhism.

The lecture discusses the important text of the Pali canon – the Dhammacakkappavattana-sutta or Setting in Motion the Wheel of the Dharma – regarded as the record of the Buddha’s first sermon where he deals with the central topic of Buddhism – the Four Noble Truth. Some traditional and modern outlooks will critically debated on the basis of original textual materials and today’s scholars’ and spiritual masters’ arguments.

Märt Läänemets is Associate Professor of the Institute of Cultural Research and Fine Arts and Head of the Centre for Oriental Studies, University of Tartu. His research interests focus on the study of Buddhism and its textual sources in Sanskrit and Chinese. He teaches Chinese language, Chinese culture and history, and Eastern religions in the University of Tartu.

Public lecture on women study in China

Zhang Donghui 6583aaaProfessor at Liaoning University (P. R China) and Chinese Director of Vilnius University Confucius Institute Zhang Donghui will hold the public lecture on 25th of April, Monday at 15:00 “Women Study in China: A case study from 1900 to 2015“.

The lecture will be held in English in the Japanese auditorium (Universiteto 5, entrance from the L.Gucevičius Courtyard).

Women play very important roles in all walks of life all over the world, however, to almost all different cultures, the struggle for the equal right of the female writes a long story in human history. Professor Zhang, who studies cultural anthropology and feminism, illustrates the changes of female roles and statuses in China over 100 years by studying a case of three women in a family. The lecture is based on a published short story We Three and the lecturer links three generations to the panorama of history and society in China with documented photos at different ages.

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