Dr. J. K. Tandon visit at the VU Centre of Oriental Studies

S Tandon atskl intOn 10th November, 2017 the director of the Centre of Oriental Studies in Vilnius University Dr. Vytis Silius met the head of “A & Z Exports International” company Dr. J. K. Tandon and his wife Rekha Tandon. At the meeting, the sponsorship agreement was signed and the possibilities for further cooperation were discussed. The sponsored support will be used for the Centre's lecturer Kristina Dolinina’s scientific research in India.

The company actively supports Lithuanian and Indian cultural and academic relations. For three years now, Dr. J. K.Tandon has been sponsoring the international classical Indian art festival "Sursadhana". “A & Z Exports International” generously contributed to Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra tours in India and Thailand in October, 2017.

During the meeting Dr. Tandon emphasized the importance of such academic studies and was thankful to the Center of Oriental Studies for many years of active scientific work and efforts in developing Lithuanian-Indian cultural and academic relations.

About the festival: