Public lecture on women study in China

Zhang Donghui 6583aaaProfessor at Liaoning University (P. R China) and Chinese Director of Vilnius University Confucius Institute Zhang Donghui will hold the public lecture on 25th of April, Monday at 15:00 “Women Study in China: A case study from 1900 to 2015“.

The lecture will be held in English in the Japanese auditorium (Universiteto 5, entrance from the L.Gucevičius Courtyard).

Women play very important roles in all walks of life all over the world, however, to almost all different cultures, the struggle for the equal right of the female writes a long story in human history. Professor Zhang, who studies cultural anthropology and feminism, illustrates the changes of female roles and statuses in China over 100 years by studying a case of three women in a family. The lecture is based on a published short story We Three and the lecturer links three generations to the panorama of history and society in China with documented photos at different ages.