For the final program of EACP 2016 Vilnius please check the following links:

Final program of EACP 2016 Vilnius

List of panels and titles of EACP 2016 Vilnius


Book of abstracts of EACP 2016   


The conference will open 9:00 am, on June 9th (Thursday) with the welcome addresses. The on-site registration for participants will start from 8:00, on June 9th (Thursday) and will be open throughout the conference. Participants will receive the conference info package at the on-site registration desk. The exact venues will be announced later.

The conference will have two keynote speakers who will each deliver 1 hour long lectures (including Q&A). 

The panelists will each have no more than 20 min for their presentations and 10 min for Q&A. The chair of a panel and the panelists are free to decide, if Q&A session will be held after each individual presentation, or it should be combined after all presentations have been delivered. 

The participants of the special panel - the Young Scholar Award - will each have no more than 30 min for their presentations and 10 min for Q&A after each presentation.  

The draft version of the conference program will be announced before the April 11th.